Adobe Premiere Clip Video Editing App

What is it? Why should you care? How can it help your business? Well lets have a look.

Adobe Premiere Clip is video editing software for you mobile device. So for example if you need to have some product shots for your business or you would like to feature some service or a testimonial you normally would need to have them professionally recorded and edited and that can come with some hefty fees also.

Installing Adobe Premiere Clip on your mobile device can go some way to helping get some professional videos with little experience and also save your money, if it is hard to come by.

It is also designed for those with little to no knowledge of video editing software such as Premiere Clip’s big brother Adobe Premiere editing software.

So how do I use it?

This app is so easy to use, it makes video recording and editing look easy.

To start you simply open the app on your phone and record your product, service or testimonial, finish recording and then move onto the editing stage.

The app’s interface is very easy to navigate and finding what you need is an overall easy experience.

There are a lot of tools to work with, you can edit your video clip to shorten it, you can add fades to the start and end of your clip, to fade it in and out, it just gives it a more professional look.

Once you have the video clip edited, you can move onto the next stage, adding music, Adobe Premiere Clip comes with built in music to complement your video, there is a wide variety of music to choose from. The app will also allow you to sync the music to the video.

Then comes the colour grading bit. Colour grading is simply giving your video an extra bit of sparkle. For example, because you may not be in a position to have a proper lighting set up. So colour grading or filters will help, you can change your video clip to suit the look you are going for, black & white, sepia etc there are up to 30 filters to choose from.

Premiere Clip takes the work out of creating great-looking videos you’ll love to share. With the auto-editing option, you can transform the pictures and clips on your smartphone or iPad into a finished video story in just minutes. Or get hands-on and customize your video with powerful features for trimming, applying custom Looks, adding audio effects and more.

Saving & Exporting

When you have your video finished along with your the music and filters applied, its time for the export. This app is mainly designed to work with Adobe Premiere Pro for further editing. This however doesn’t mean that you cant upload online.

You can upload directly to You-Tube, Facebook and Twitter, you can also save the finished video onto your mobile device which you can transfer from your device to anywhere you like.

Adobe Premiere Clip is available for both Apple & Android, for free 🙂

You can read more information on Adobe’s website.

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