Have I been hacked? This website helps you to find out

What is it? Why should you care? How can it help your business? Well lets have a look.

Every now and then a major hack will occur on websites you use. These hacks will occur on major websites, Adobe, Dropbox, Playstation Network etc at some point in time hackers will gain access to these websites and gain information such as passwords, login details, usernames and in some cases even credit card and other sensitive information.

What hackers do with these details are anyones guess, sometimes this information is sold on the internet, sometimes its posted online. Either way this information is yours and you should be careful with it.

This handy website will help you to find out if your information has been hacked, what website it has been taken from and what kind of information has been taken. This allows you the chance to get into the affected website and secure it again.


So how do I use it?

This website is so easy to use, it makes finding out if you are hacked easy.

To start you simply enter your email address and hit enter and then it will show you what websites have been compromised and what information has been taken.

Thats it. And just for piece of mind, this website is very trustworthy.


Once you have discovered what sites, if any have been compromised, the next step is to take action. It would be wise and highly suggested to change or delete your personal information before it is too late.

i cant stress enough, what hackers do with your information is anyones guess, it could be sold, it could be used maliciously or it could be posted online for everyone who is interested to see.

Although you may not see this kind of thing as being serious or not in need of immediate action, you have to think if you use the same passwords, usernames, login details on other websites, maybe websites that you use for financial transactions or other private or sensitive information.

See it here:


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