Project Description

We are the sole providers of artwork, video & web design for DJ V5. He wanted his website to stand out, be unique and responsive on all modern devices such as smartphones, tablets etc.

He also wanted a website designed to fit in with his style of music and DJing. Something that is clean, looks great, very little in the way of text with more focus on visual’s and music.

The design of this website is code-based meaning that the whole structure of the website is built using the old fashioned HTML/ CSS way rather than using a new technology like WordPress.

Project Details

Client DJ V5


Audio Player

One of the requests that was made before building this website was it needed an audio player. And that is what was built into the website. When the website opens, an audio player then opens with a playlist of his best DJ mixes. The audio player is set to automatically play the first DJ mix

Responsive Design

As DJ V5 is part of a generation who is very technology savvy, it was vital that the website fit on all modern devices. One of the main features to make sure had to be designed responsively was the audio player, that contains 2 – 3 hours of music, so that fans could listen on their mobile phones.

Another Feature

Another feature that needed to be done was highlighting all of the previous DJ mixes each in their own section. Another section that had to be added was a video player, which is hidden until a video is clicked on, it then slides out at the top of the page when needed.

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