Dublin South FM Logo Design

Project Details

Project Logo
Type Graphic Design

Project Description

This is logo was a re-design for Dublin South FM

They wanted a new logo designed for for a rebrand and relaunch of the station and to coincide with an outside live broadcast for Community Radio Day. It was also made to replace their old logo.

For the design they wanted something colourful, something that represented the community. So they were delighted when the design came back with a graphic that represented every person in the community.

After a lot of research it seemed that a lot of community organisations and charities etc had a lot of colour in their logos, so the theme for the colours of the logo were based on that, like the United Colours of Benetton.


Old Design

This what Dublin South FMs old logo looked like before we designed their new one. This logo was used for years before the re-design. Personally we didnt think it was anything special or didnt really represent anything in the community.

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