Project Description

This website was a complete redesign from their previous code based website. In this project I built the new website using WordPress. They wanted a new schedule, that was easy to update for all of the new shows and also easy to add or remove the old shows. There was also a feature added so that each show has its own page, when the show was clicked on in the schedule. Another new section that was added was the podcast page. They wanted to improve the old podcast section which had become old, outdated and unfit for purpose. For this I suggested the shows presenters set up Mixcloud accounts, where the presenters could log on themselves and upload their shows as they were available to podcast. I also just added pictures of the shows or presenters and then linked them directly to their respective Mixcloud accounts, so people could just click on the image and have access to all of the podcasts.

Project Details

Client Dublin South FM View

Listen Live

Another feature I added, which they didnt have before was a listen live feature, which you can listen to the station live over the internet. I added a feature that an audio player would play live on certain pages. I also added a button on each page where an audio player would open on a separate page, leaving listeners free to browse the internet while listening to the radio shows.

Responsive Design

They wanted their new website to fit on all modern devices, something that their old website couldnt do.


All of the features also look great on mobiles, it allows the listeners to tune in when they are on the go. They can listen to the podcasts, check the schedule, everything can be done online with the new website.

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