Elizabeth Webb Counselling

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Project Details

Website Elizabeth Webb Counselling
Visit Site https://www.elizabethwebbcounselling.com/
Type WordPress Website & Graphics

Website Description

Elizabeth Webb Counselling Services is a service here in Dublin, Ireland.

They needed a brochure website to list all of their services and some frequently asked questions. They asked me to design them a brand new website on WordPress using the Divi theme.

Since it was a new website there was enough room to design something new that would appeal to everyone. The colours chosen for the main design was a dark pink colour that would act as a neutral colour for everyone. The colour itself wouldn’t be prominent, just serve as a break to the main white background.

This website was built using all of the relevant criteria that is now used for privacy such as GDPR and https:// for website security.

We also designed and delivered Business Cards and Flyers, which were printed by our partners and sent directly to the client

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