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Website Jeet Kune Do Ireland

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Website for JKD Ireland or Jeet Kune Do Ireland, the martial arts organisation of Ireland. JKD Ireland have training centres in both the North & South of Ireland, this website was built as the main hub linking all of the information, times, dates and locations throughout Ireland.

Another central piece of this website was as a place to sell and display a martial arts book that was written by the client who is also the head trainer in the JKD Ireland martial arts training.

In this project I also had to create the graphics for the website and also had to create a lot of motion graphics, animated logo and intros for the video training series that were added to the site later.

The website was built through Weebly, which isnt really a favourite platform of mine to use but the client was more comfortable using this platform than any other, so what the client wants, the client gets 🙂

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