Project Description

This website is slightly different than some of the other ones we build and design, in the way that this website is only for the purpose of having an online presence, since it is not being used for any e-commerce etc.

The point of this website was just to have something that looked good to visitors and work on mobile. This website was built just to replace the older one that had become outdated.

There was no real emphasis on any of the usual treatment of S.E.O etc as the owner of the website does a lot of his business face to face and only needed the website for people to visit and contact him through.

That being said, the design was a nice layout, with colours that stand out, mainly white with blue to break up the colour a bit.

Project Details

Client Marren Media



One of the few requests for this website was the colour,s that were to be used. The old website, which this one replace was white/ blue/ black. So we decided to stick with those colours, using white as the main colour and blue to break the white up and finally using black as the font colour.

Flashy Animation

The other request that was emphasized was a flashy slider animation across the top of each page. Each slide was made up of images that portrayed what the clients message was, along with an actual message from the clients USP (Unique Selling Point)

Future Additions

As of now the client is happy with the website. There has been enough room left over for when the client decides to go further with the website, a blog for example or to add more pages. The website is built in WordPress, so the client is in full control of when to add a blog or more pages to the website.

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