Donnybrook Community Playschool Logo Design

Project Details

Project Logo
Type Graphic Design

Project Description

This is logo was a re-design for Donnybrook Community Playschool & Afterschool.

They wanted a new logo designed for their 15 year anniversary. It was made to replace their old one which had been used since their opening 15 years ago.

For the design they wanted something colourful, something that represented their business and it had to have images like butterflies, flowers or trees. So they were delighted when the design came back with a flower and school children.

Everything in the logo was given a design to make it look like children had drawn the images and wrote the words.


Other Designs

Here are a few different versions of the same logo. The logo that was used had to be in colour. These designs are simply just to show what the logo would be like in different colours and different backgrounds.

Different Design

This was the first design that was designed, it wasnt to be used as they wanted something a bit more suitable for what they were after

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