What are white label websites? Why should you care? and Who are they for?

Lets have a look at White Label Websites and why they would be used and we will also take a look at some scenarios as to who wants them and when they should be used.

A white label website is, a website that is built by a third party, much like when a singer performs a song written for them by another artist, for example, Sinead O Connor sang Nothing Compares to you, which was written by Prince (a nice example and the most recent and popular I could think of).

A White Label Website is much the same, it is a website built by a third party for another designer or company, who in turn supplies it to their client. The designer who builds the White Label Website, will build the website to the spec of the client or company and add all of the middle company’s branding, name etc on the website, thus it would appear that the middle company is the builder of the website.

Who would use a White Label Website?

White Label Websites would be used mainly by small web design companies, marketing agencies, design agencies or individuals who are finding themselves inundated with work and need to bring in an outside party to help with the design and build of a website and would like to keep their name as the creator of the website.

Lets have a look at some scenarios where White Label Websites would be used.

Scenario 1:

Getting behind: 

If a small web design company is getting behind with their work or their business is growing faster than they can keep up. They might not be in a position to hire staff or dont have a need to take on extra staff. A White Label Website is the perfect solution for this scenario as outsourcing some of the work to a third party fulfill this need, as they only have to pay a fixed fee to a third party who will share the workload and give the credit to the web company.

Scenario 2:

Cant hire full-time staff:

In this scenario, we will look at a company who needs the work but cant hire full time staff at the current moment in time. White Label Designs fulfill the need of the company as they dont have to worry about finding additional funds, paying the relevant taxes and other responsibilities that go with employing staff.

They have an opportunity to have an extra staff member that works remotely, doesnt need to come to the office and doesnt take up office space. This is suitable as they can focus on their clients and other staff while they have a designer working in the background. They also get the credit for the website, with all of their branding and company name in the relevant places on the website.

Scenario 3:

Additional revenue:

This scenario looks at additional revenue for marketing or design agencies, who’s clients need websites but dont know where to go or who to ask. This also fills the need for taking on an extra revenue stream but not wanting to take on extra staff. They simply pass on the information and client specifications and in return get a website designed with their branding and other information in the correct place.

Scenario 4:


Individuals may also need a website built but they dont want to pay or cant afford the fee’s of a professional web designer. They may also know enough about WordPress but dont have the time to build or learn how to build a website for themselves.

They may choose to ask a designer to build them a website with just the basic layout already for them to edit and add their own content as they see fit. Thus having a professional built website at a fraction of the cost and in less time as doing it for themselves or paying a professional to do it for them.


All in all having a White Label Website fulfills a multi solution to many problems faced by individuals, companies or agencies. It saves time, money, taxes etc, it eliminates the need for hiring staff at a time when it just isnt a viable option and it allows for an additional revenue stream for a company that would like to expand its services but doesnt want to have an in house designer on board.


They come fully laid to out the specifications provided.
Fully labelled for further editing by the company or client
Fully loaded with the correct WordPress plugins, security, S.E.O etc

If you are interested in knowing more please contact me.


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